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Resident Scrutiny Panel

Want to get a qualification, improve your employment prospects and your CV and help us improve?

Resident Scrutiny Training

Seven Locks want the outcomes of customer involvement to make a positive difference to how we deliver our services to you. The Scrutiny role involves looking very closely at our services and then questioning, listening, analysing the information about our services before producing a report of the groups findings for our Board.

The Resident Scrutiny Panel had their first meeting in October 2010. The members work alongside our Customer Panel and Management Board to inspect our services, monitor how we perform and check whether the services we deliver are Value for Money.

They decide which areas of service they want to look at and produce an Annual Work plan to keep them on track. They have an office and the Customer Involvement Officer provides constant support and administrative services.

This support also includes liaising with the Chair to organise meetings, minutes, agendas, draft scrutiny reports, providing information about the service being scrutinised and arranging training approved by the Panel.

Every quarter the Panel is provided with our Key performance Information, our Service Standard monitoring information and specific performance information on request.

The first project which was completed in June 2011 reviewed our anti-social behaviour procedures to make sure they are fit for purpose.

The panel gave the thumbs up to our Anti-Social Behaviour procedures, telling us that they represent Best Practice compared with how other landlords deal with ASB.

The second project which was completed in March 2012 reviewed the financial support we provide for tenants to help them to keep their tenancy and stay in their homes.

The third project which was completed in September 2012 reviewed our Complaints process and procedures.

The fourth project reviewed the Customer Service provided across the whole organisation.

Please click on the link at the bottom of the page if you would like to read the full reports and the Annual Report to our Board.

Members of the Resident Scrutiny Panel took part in local training over 2 days during February and March 2013 and most have now received their Resident Scrutiny Awards endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

The Panel are always looking for new tenants to join them. All members of the panel will be offered training to help them understand and take on the role of a Resident Scrutiny panel member. All training is free and we provide transport and fully support you.

As well as improving your CV you will learn new skills which will be useful in today's competitive job market.

The current panel members have also benefitted from many other training opportunities.

If you are interested, please contact Tracey Silk, Customer Involvement Officer, email, to find out more and complete an application form.

Michael Dennehy, Claire Hubbard, John Piggott and Brenda Ashburner have got involved in Resident Scrutiny, here's what they have to say:

Shakespeare's 400th anniversary has brought him once again into the spotlight. One of his famous saws has a certain relevance to a retiree like myself.

"The poor player who for a brief hour struts and frets his way across the stage and then is heard no more."

Retirement, paradoxically is both a blessing and a curse, examples of which are for another day. The Scrutiny Committee gives one, time to once again play a part and be close to the business of business. In addition, to be listed on the Organisation Chart and have our opinions listened to, our voices heard and opportunities given for further education and networking.

Shakespeare had many characters drawn from real life, thinly disguised. One such was the Jester, and important character in the courts of Medieval Europe. Dressed in bright colours, he was independent, had his ear to the ground and with no axe to grind. He could speak without fear or favour.

In the main, institutions have removed him from the scene. Once can imagine that if one such could sit at the cabinet table in Downing Street, there would be fewer banana skins for our leaders to slip on. If that press baron had one such to whisper in his ear, then he would have been spared the indignity of a tribunal hearing.

Verily methinks, the scrutiny committee is a living embodiment of Launcelot Gobbo (Merchant of Venice).

Michael Dennehy, Resident Scrutiny Panel member

I got involved with the Resident Scrutiny Panel because I wanted to have an input, and help to improve services for my community and for my own family.

Claire Hubbard

I like being on the Scrutiny Panel as it means I can work with a lot of the landlord's staff and fellow residents to promote as good a standard of living as possible.

I like the projects I do with people, it means I get to know a lot of the staff and it gets me all over the country meeting other residents and staff.

It has got me back into learning and has greatly improved my confidence. It also gives me the chance to give something back to the community.

Being on the Resident Scrutiny Panel has given me a huge lift and made me feel valuable again.

John Piggott

I have always been confident but becoming a member of the Resident Scrutiny Panel has given me a different kind of confidence; one which is less confrontational and I hope kinder.

I feel I take other people's views more into consideration, that I can better understand their prejudices and fears, due the wider range of people I meet.

The gap between 'us and them' which due to my union work has always existed has now considerably narrowed.

I feel I am again a small part of the working world and truly enjoy being useful again in an important way.

I feel I am a respected member of an organisation that is striving to improve things for us all.

Brenda Ashburner

Resident Scrutiny Training

Resident scrutiny panel reports