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How can I get involved

At Seven Locks Housing customer involvement is at the heart of all we do. By providing practical help, support and training we actively encourage our customers to get involved in helping us to shape, develop and improve our services.

We recognise that the best way to give our customers the services that they want is to ensure that they all have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the services that we deliver.

Our menu of opportunities for involvement has been developed to suit the differing levels of commitment that our customers can make. So no matter what your lifestyle, interests, work pattern or family commitment we will make sure that we can provide you with an opportunity to get involved.

Click here to see our current involvement options and details of the time commitment and the training we offer

Click here to find out about the Resident Scrutiny Panel

Do you want to find out more about the kind of activities SLH customers can get involved with?

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If you want to know more about the options for involvement and how you can get involved, contact Seven Locks Housing's customer involvement officer Tracey Silk on 01858 414519 or mobile 07527 385121 or email

Explaining your customer involvement options

Option Commitment Training Location
Resident Scrutiny Panel

This is a voluntary role which involves looking very closely at our services and then questioning, listening, analysing the information about our services before producing a report of the groups findings for our Board.

Full support is provided by SLH staff.

You will need to be available for a minimum of 6 meetings per year which each last for 2.5 hours.

Meetings are currently held in the mornings but they can be moved to evenings if there is enough interest from our working customers.

There may be additional informal meetings to carry out research.

All members of the panel will be offered free training to help them to understand and take on the role of a Resident Scrutiny panel member.

There are also many other opportunities for free training that will improve your skills and if you are currently a job seeker, your job prospects.

Market Harborough

We will provide free transport or pay a mileage allowance if you have your own transport.

Customer panels
Customers are invited to tell us which areas of our service they are interested in. E.g. repairs service.

This helps us to target our consultation with customers who have a special interest in the specific area.

No regular meetings and customers
Can choose how they wish to be consulted; by phone, email, letter etc.

Although no training is necessary, all of our customers are welcome to attend any training session detailed on our Annual Training Plan which will be developed and publicised

From Home

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is an excellent way of testing the services that landlords provide to their customers and enables them to identify areas for continuous improvement.

Seven Locks housing have been using tenants to carry out this exercise to ensure that services meet the needs of the actual users of those services.

We have been taking part in The Mystery Shopping Partnership which delivers Mystery Shopping in the South Leicestershire and Northampton area.

Our customers test the services of the other landlords in the partnership and their customers test ours.

A small amount of spare time is required to take part.

After the initial training you will not need to attend regular meetings.

You will be required to take part in a full days training session.

No special skills are needed.

The training will cover:

  • What is Mystery Shopping?
  • Why do we use Mystery Shopping?
  • What does a Mystery Shopper do?
  • What Mystery Shopping achieves and who it benefits

The Mystery Shopping will be carried out by telephone, letter or email from your home.

(your phone costs are reimbursed)

There may also be visits to Landlord's offices

Void inspections
Tenant Void Inspectors inspect a sample of empty properties to ensure that they meet the SLH Lettable Standard.

SLH have a pool of inspectors to call on.

You would be required to attend up to 10 inspections per year.

You could expect a day’s notice.

Each inspection would take about an hour.

You would receive a short training session to familiarise you with the Lettable Standard.

You would also have training on filling in the Inspection forms.

The inspections could be anywhere is the Harborough District

Your own transport is desirable but we can help if necessary

One off consultation meeting

These are arranged as and when Seven Locks want customer input about a specific issue

However, Customers who have an issue can contact SLH to arrange a consultation meeting if they have a specific issue that they wish to discuss

Not required

Will be held at the most appropriate venue

Annual Tenants Event

One day

Will include a variety of displays and information

Will include consultations and customer feedback

May include workshops to address specific issues


To be arranged

Focus groups
To look at specific issues which affect our customers
Up to 6 meetings per year Not required Will be held at the most appropriate location